About YADA

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This is a network for young Nigerians who are in politics and are interested in the democratic well-being of Nigeria and its people. YADA’s membership cuts across the entire six (6) geo-political zones of Nigeria, including the FCT. In order to achieve our goals as a unique network and one of its kind in Nigeria, we will be partnering with registered political parties in Nigeria whose ideology and culture agrees with our mission, vision, objectives and philosophy.


To have a united and democratic Nigeria in which the youth have dignified visible political roles and responsibilities.


Promoting young public office seekers with pedigree and character to emerge at different levels of governance in Nigeria in order to deepen democracy and bridge the generational gap, thereby inculcating democratic principles and values.


  • To create an all-inclusive democracy where the system will allow youth with pedigree and competence emerge as party flag-bearer(s) in elections.
  • To increase political competence and participation among youth
  • To provide a common political network that can foster relationship among youth in politics.
  • To increase political participation, leadership aspiration and development among youth.
  • To train and build capacity of public office seekers